Create a Personal Code of Ethics

Create a Personal Code of Ethics is a more detailed Article on this.

The release we find in this Lifestyle helps keep that in check, it also helps creativity and provides a stress release that normal methods couldn’t help relieve.

Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism, to name a few, create a larger overtone of what we see this Lifestyle as; there is a dynamic that most people will never see or experience as they live their lives in a pre-planned hum drum role. Never really experiencing life until something happens. Even feeling that reading about our kink in a popular book or series will suffice. To each their own.

BDSM is more than just a few spanks in the bedroom. For some it can be thought of as role play or even fore-play or just play with no sexual component at all. For others it is simply another way to live.  BDSM is whatever you make of it, yet it is NOT abuse or a reason to assault someone.

We encourage you to find out for yourself what you like, what you desire. To read about others experiences and explore kink and thus yourself and the world around you, to help find your role in a much bigger world. As we grow so will this website and so we encourage you to submit written works or even graphical works to help relate your experiences with BDSM, as well as to check back often to see what others have put in, to shop in the Store and to keep learning.

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