Age Gate and Update

Age Gate and Update! was started as a way to present information regarding BDSM and the Truths BDSM carries to the masses especially in Canada. Yes, We're a kinky bunch!  And since then we hoped that we've helped many find answers and hopefully helped nudged them in the proper way of BDSM should be. And not what is seen in movies..etc. Some really bad movies that portrayed BDSM as only Non-Consensual violent acts. Which simply isn't the case, at least when practicing BDSM!

The Update(s):

You haven't seen much from us here as we've been very busy with website upgrades and brand new, spanking fresh content! We've also got a much stronger age gate and removed the hurdle on the main page.

We will still continue to offer free information on SSC and RACK, Consent articles, as well as information regarding munches for those 18+ ( 19+ for most public BDSM events in Canada. ) .

Of course these articles will be watered down for all to see. So "Dooty Head" will be a common phrase used from now on. No, not really.. The articles you won't see unless you've joined are much more poignant and direct. No Sugar coating, no watered down and certainly no walking on egg shells, or what ever euphemism you wish to use.

As such, we are implementing a Paid section of offering much more In-depth articles, BDSM Dating, BDSM Social area, BDSM Mentorship, Classes on different aspects of BDSM, Guest Authors and a much needed stronger Age Gate.

See you on the Inside!


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