Those food commercials

Employing deceptive, artistic methods to create a dish that looks better than the one you actually receive..  They use lacquer as a glaze, heated rods for the extra grill marks on the plumpest most juici-ous burger you have ever seen. </End drooling now> Because that burger get, looks nothing like the product photos. Your burger is flattened, like one of the kitchen staff sat on it.. Repeatedly..

The Truth in adverting, huh?

For me, BDSM in porn is like that. It's the dirty marketing trick that restaurants use to sell dishes and entrées. BDSM isn't always fresh and lovely, yet when Consent is given BDSM can be quite beautiful.

Plus once they know that pornos are really just movies, they should be able to distinguish a porno from reality. Hopefully...

Lately a favorite porn site is now giving sex ed articles, some other websites touted recently that a high percentage of their website viewers that young adults these days their very first taste of sex education is porn. or Pron. Never having any real education in high school. This is were some we feel creates some fictional belief that no Consent was ever given and she ( or he ) was just "taken" by force. In Canada, That's where the law steps in. You MUST HAVE CONSENT before you play!

CBDSM content blocker

For those 18+ pornos can be a good source for scenes for BDSM play. Always remember, be sure everyone is Consenting, BEFORE play starts!

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