Oh the lies

The lies we tell and hear; the lies we tell ourselves and the lies that we've all grown up with, that which we start to believe as truths.

Especially in BDSM, where as some believe that "Forced Bi" is a thing, it's not. If you're NOT Bisexual, not even remotely Bisexual at all and you've claimed "Forced Bi" to be a Hard Limit, yet you're "forced" by a Dominant to perform such an act.. Then it's abuse! If it's against your Hard Limits and it's just happened, well.. Simply put, it's Abuse!

You do have the right to say No, not saying anything at the time of the offense, or waiting a few months, years later to have time to think about it doesn't help stop the action at the time of the Consent Violation either.

Who ever tells you that you have no rights, you have no right to claim Hard Limit BEFORE, or during, your play, is lying to you!  ( Unless the scene is based on "Forced" Whatever.. )

In the past, I've seen one male submissive/bottom claim "Oh I do hate it when I'm Forced BI".. again, if Forced Bi is a Hard limit, it should not happen, Ever.  Hard Limits are a FULL STOP action, when you claim the activity is a Hard Limit there should be no way it happens.This isn't just a minor inconvenience either. This is a HARD LIMIT, and if you don't currently have Hard Limits, perhaps you should read more..

So who's fault is it then? The Dominant who "forced" the submissive/bottom to perform an action that was hinted at maybe being a Hard Limit. Or the submissive/bottom who didn't speak up and declare it's a HARD LIMIT for them? ( Which is why we have Negotiation periods before any play starts... )

Listen, We're not trying to start the Blame Game.. Just trying to say that Negotiations are a important part of any of the pre play scene for everyone involved!

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Not all Men are submissive, neither are all Women. Or all Trans people only attack in washrooms, or can't get wet or be fed after midnight, what ever your F'd up beliefs are. Quit believing the BullShit!

This romanticizing the lies has to stop, especially within BDSM communities. People can be seriously harmed/killed with believing certain lies, aka BS.

Consent has to be given and received before any play starts! 18+!

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