If only Closed Minds came with closed mouths

“If only Closed Minds came with closed mouths..” Author anonymous.

If only Closed Minds came with closed mouths

Not sure of the author or else we’d be quoting them. Still, the fact remains, Those who thrust their opinion upon others, need to worry only about themselves and none other!

How you live your life, is entirely, up to you!  To each their own, and remind them to mind their own damn business!

When BDSM is done consensually it’s nobody else’s business, other than the consensual players involved.

When it’s abuse, it isn’t the BDSM community, as a whole, fault. It is the individual abuser’s fault, and not the victim’s. If Consent was revoked, before or during the scene and it continues, it isn’t BDSM play, it’s Abuse!

Whether this is all another form of slut shaming or not, from a random stranger or not, or even a family member, people need to remember that BDSM or alternative lifestyles are for everyone 18+ in age. Once an adult, adults can explore almost anything that is available to consenting adults.

BDSM is NOT abuse!  Consent makes the difference!  Abuse is not consensual, at all.

We don’t worry about what they think, it’s their right to think whatever, or to assume whatever they want, just be quiet about it and don’t try to change my mind in the two nanoseconds that we’ve met..

To those I’ve met who want to dictate how I should live my life, or wear and then are shocked when I flip you off..

It’s time for them to Re-think their lives!!

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