Leather Floggers

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We're writing about one of our long time advertisers, DreamsOfLeather.com!

High end, High quality hand made leather floggers, cuffs and collars manufactured with affordability in mind.The quality of their floggers are second to none, as is their long standing Lifetime guarantee on their leather goods. You can't get that from some sex shop crap. You know, the crap you have to replace after a few uses.. Or flying apart at the local Dungeon.. Not the "scene", that I want!

We personally have some of their BDSM collection of leather floggers, and a few collars. We have some that we consider "work horses", those floggers that are out almost every weekend, they make an appearance or two over the weekly break. And we have other floggers that are only out for special occasions.

DreamsOfLeather.com, their Lifetime guarantee keeps my floggers playing and not being permanently placed upon the wall.

The quality of the leather that is used to make their floggers, even the flogger socks that you get when you purchase one of their floggers, are of high quality. Plus the flogger socks are made to fit their floggers. Keeping the leather falls in tact, and dust and debris away from their luxurious leather floggers.

Their leather floggers can provide a thud or a sting. Depending on what sensation you want to create for your scene.

Continuing, in my play;

I found that leaving the flogger sock on the flogger and using the flogger sock while flogging also helps with creating a thud to even the stingiest floggers or whips.

Bruises will happen eventually to every bottom who plays with floggers.

Even though we consider Bruises are badges of play, and should be revered as such. We suggest that you Never play on top of the bruises, as that would make it a permanent marking, which could be illegal in Canada as it could be viewed as harm. No one can condone harm to themselves, as per Canadian law, currently. Avoid if possible. We're all adults here, we can make our own decisions.

When the skin is weakened through flogging, the skin can open up, creating open sores. As nobody wants blood transfer on their fine floggers, at least I don't. Floggers can do the same amount of impact as most other implements, depending on how big the implement is, no matter what you use, the bottom or submissive's skin will open and causing bleeding.

Think of the bruise on the skin as indication to avoid it, don't play on top of the bruise, causing it to become a permanent marking. There are a lot of other spots on the body to play with and even elicited a response.

Avoid the bruising and everyone's should still be happy even after the scene.

My partner and I both love DreamsOfLeather.com leather floggers. Dreams Of Leather for the whole BDSM experience!

Leather Floggers

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