In the past some…

...have asked me as to why I'm on Hiatus from an illustrious career as a Dominatrix. The truth is it's all to due to dealing with time wasting humans... Those humans, those wastes of spaces that cut you off while driving because they're tweeting what they're eating, while driving. ( Not cool and BTW Driving is a privilege, NOT a right! )

Yes, all those Time Wasters! All those the wannabes, the liars, the sneaks, the cheats, all those who agreed to the negotiated scene, yet in the middle of a scene, decided in their "infinite wisdom" to change their minds, right in the middle of the scene..( I'm not talking about revoking Consent either!! ). This last cave dweller wanted to try their "Switch-iness" ( I know, not a real word... ) out on me in the middle of the scene.. Which ended the scene soon there after!

Impromptu wrestling matches aside..

Those bottoms thought that there would be sex involved in the scene, when it wasn't negotiated. Ummm, No. That's escorting, imo!

Or the wasters with their endless calls/ texts, all ending with no commitment. In the end wanting a "Freebee" instead, to see if I'd work out first. Ummm, no.. "A freebie?  Would you like to try using coupons, box tops instead? Oooh, what about food stamps??"

Why couldn't I just demand their submission from them?

Because until there is Consent, there's no BDSM scene!  I want nothing to do with anyone who isn't giving Consent. And either should you.

Remember Consent can be revoked by anyone 18+, at any time.

Anyways, Back to my list:
CBDSM content blocker
...409 more words

Consent is for all those 18+!

A few submissive's post on a particular social media outlet, posted that they feel this is all just a form of whining, Dominant whining. Some of those same submissives, also told me that Dominants should just be silent put up with it..

Ummm, HELL NO!

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