Never pick a fight in a Dungeon!

Reasons why you should never, ever get in a fight in a Dungeon.
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Do not try to intervene in a scene that you either don't agree with or you have more questions about. You really don't know what the scene entails and you maybe infringing upon another Kinky persons fun time, where they have already negotiated and given consent.

We suggest approaching a Dungeon monitor, a Dungeon Monitor is usually denoted by wearing a red sash, if you don't see any red sashes around, inquire at the front desk. They should be able to answer most questions. If a fight were to occur then the authorities may have to be called. Which then could get expensive for all involved.. Best to avoid.

Again, Never intervene if you believe a scene is going a wrong way, or not to your approval. If things are going sideways and the dungeon monitors have picked up on the infraction, they will be dealing with it. You may have to pause your scene, yet once you get the all clear. Things will hopefully go back to normal.

If you think this article is a farce, because you don't believe this have ever happened. I have have scene screaming matches in a Dungeon before. And I've also seen other kinksters who have infringed upon another's scene by even just simply having a flogger disintegrate while in use.

Let's all live to play another day!!!


Never pick a fight in a Dungeon!

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