Q: Why does this website exist?
A: In the grand scheme of things, it was started by a handful of Dominants who wanted to create a online learning centre for things BDSM and Kink related. The same information to all who have an open mind. Discussions will be done in a orderly manor, respect is given and should be received!

Q: I remember the old fashioned 2013, from back in the day website, why this new [ enter descriptor here ]!
We did too, except for in February of 2016 we lost the entire website, and then in July of the same year, we lost most of the writers and admins to this website.

Q: You seem to be the writer for most of the articles here on this website, what gives?
There is still one writer that occasionally writes for the website, and me the Admin. I have pieced back the articles from the crash we had in Feb 2016. I have contacted the other admins or writers about the articles and they do not mind me taking artistic license with their articles. It still remains the Message over the medium!

Q: Why is the website going in a new direction, I liked the old.
Because mainly the topics we want to cover can only be discussed behind a closed website, that only allows all adults to gain entry. We can then discuss lots of topics between consenting adults.

Q: Why the 19+ rule?
A: Due to the fact that adults have to be 19+ to get into a BDSM or Kink event in Canada.

Q: Why do you consider that fair?
A: We don't, but dem's da rules!

We understand the age restriction is there so nobody gets harmed. Besides we're not lawyers or law enforcement and we're certainly not going to over step!

We've said it before, we do NOT look good in any orange!!!

Q: I'm into [ this kink ], why isn't there any information on that subject/topic.
Well there are things called hard limits that we have and besides we don't promote any illegal activities, 19+ Always!

We're more about education to BDSM, rather than showcasing it on video which there are a lot of other websites already promoting that.

Q: You sure sound [ enter asinine observation here ]!
A: Never under estimate your rival, opponent or WebMistress!

Q: You all promote Consent, isn't that for [ enter stereotypical bullshit here ]
Consent is for all!

Q: I don't like your [ enter anything under the sun here ]!
And I probably don't like your attitude either!

Q: You've attacked me via your descriptions of asinine activity!
At this point you should probably be talking to someone that isn't me. If it hit a nerve or a trigger, we're not sure what that says about the situation you find yourself in. If you're getting upset, mad or angry or your hangry even, have a fucking chocolate bar and chill the fuck out!

Q: If you're a Dominant, just try and Dominant me! [ Enter threatening gesture here ]
That's the thing about submission, it should be given by the bottom or submissive to the Dominant that they choose to give their submission too. Not just a random person. As the very same goes for the reverse of the following statement, which is also true.

"I maybe a Dominant, I'm just not your Dominant!"