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For those who don't know, Being a Dominant or a Top, doesn't mean you get to boss every single person around. There are other Tops and Dominants around, they come in all genders, wear all sorts of footwear and come from all ages 18+, and live all around the World. Not just in our great country of Canada.

We recognize the 20 something who is wanting to explore more into the Wonderful Wild World of Dominance. We can provide training for the new to the life Dominant.

Stop wasting time, trying to research each subject that culminates from within BDSM .

Learn from other Dominants that have been in the BDSM Lifestyle for over 20 years!

Stop believing the BS that you have to be an a$$hole to the bottom or submissive. ONLY in a scene should you act that way, it helps save relationships, friendships and any occurred legal fees..

And using manners, is NOT, NOT, NOT a sign of submission..

Respect gets you a long way in this world, in the world of BDSM. It's all about BDSM etiquette and BDSM protocols. There are certain rules that everyone has to respect. For example, You respect your ride, if you were to ride a Harley, it would get very expensive wrecking your bike all the time..

Breaking a horse, is a lie!

Let's do a quick self questionnaire:

Would you call yourself demanding or commandeering?

Do you want to, in a non-harmful way inflict pleasurable pain upon your consensually significant other or play partner?

This may make you more of a Sadist, and than a Dominant. The two are quite different! However they can be taught two be able to conduct a BDSM Scene without issues.

Behind these gated pages we'll show you the true way of BDSM. Which means:

  • Bondage
  • Discipline
  • Sadomasochism

Is this training for you, since You maybe more Sadist, than Dominant? No worries, the two can go together. The training will show how they go together, and in which situations you should use them. This training is for almost anyone who wants to learn how to become more Dominant and a Top of a scene.

We'll show you how to conduct yourself in a Public Dungeon, Take steps to ensure all parties involved are safe and consenting / assenting to the mature activities from within a BDSM scene.

I need to reiterate this point, using manners, being polite, conducting oneself with a ounce of decorum, playing it cool, whatever you want to call it, is always in style!

Nobody wants to fight in a dungeon.. Dungeons usually have Dungeon Monitors ( at least the good ones do.. ) and whips and floggers..etc.


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If this course does not live up to your expectations, it shatters some myths about BDSM

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Dominant / Top