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Do you feel the need to serve or support?  Your constantly fetching things for people, ensuring that their cup is filled. You may be just a really good host, rather than submissive..

You feel the need to Quit thinking for awhile, possibly through a consensual BDSM scene?

Did you know?  Sex isn't always on the table when negotiations are done before the scene commences.  Shibari which is the practice of rope tying in usually intricate designs with rope, however it does not have to include sex!  And Rope Bunnies ( the ones who are tied ) don't have sex when tied, once negotiated the rope bunny will allow the Top to tie them and then untie later on.

Always Be sure to Negotiate, BEFORE the scene starts. Clearly have laid out ( also in writing or email ) what is to be expected and what is agreed upon. Even negotiate how long the scene should last. All this takes to account of what type of scene you will have.

Lessons from other submissives and bottoms on various subjects. Quit the guessing games, learn about how BDSM is really like, and what you should do to protect yourself and be on the look out for in the future.

Hopefully it's a happy, memorable, consensual scene!


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